Can you get pregnant on the implant? What happens if it expires?

hand holding pregnancy test

What’s the lowdown? The implant (Nexplanon) is more than 99% effective so the chances of getting pregnant with the implant in your arm is fewer than 1 in 100 – those chances increase if it isn’t replaced after 3 years A common side effect of the implant is lighter or fewer periods – so if […]

Hatty Wilmoth

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Breastfeeding as contraception – is it reliable?


Breastfeeding is 98% effective as a method of contraception if done correctly; cool, right? Get the lowdown on the criteria for following the Lactational Amenorrhoea Method (LAM) and the science behind it.

Where can I buy contraception?


If you have a busy lifestyle and are often faced with long waiting times to see your GP, then buying your contraception online can be a super-convenient way to get your birth control delivered directly to your door. But where can you buy contraception?

IUS/IUD coil fitting: what to expect


Where can you get a coil fitted? How is a coil fitted? Can you exercise straight after getting a coil? Will it hurt?! Get the lowdown here on everything you should expect from your coil fitting.