How much is the Hana contraceptive pill?

Hana Contraceptive Pill Image

What’s the lowdown? Hana is the first contraceptive pill to be available to buy at a pharmacy over the counter and without a prescription.  It’s a Desogestrel-based mini-pill (progestogen-only pill) that you take daily to prevent pregnancy.  You can get Hana on the NHS if prescribed or alternatively purchase it over the counter or from […]

What should I do if I miss a Hana Pill?

Slynd Everything you need to know

The Hana pill is a type of progestogen only pill. There are multiple different brands of progestogen only pill, and Hana is a brand that contains a progestogen called desogestrel. Hana works by stopping your body from releasing an egg from the ovary (ovulating) each month, thinning out the womb lining to prevent a fertilised […]