Erin Damico

Erin Damico - The Lowdown

Erin is an Associate Account Executive at BGB Group in New York City. She studied in London and has her MSc in Clinical and Public Health Nutrition from UCL. She has a particular passion for using nutrition for disease prevention, as well as women’s health. Specialities: Nutrition Women’s Health Qualifications: MSc Clinical and Public Health […]

Can you feel the IUS/IUD coil during sex?

feet in bed

So your partner claims they can feel your coil during sex. You may be tempted to freak out. Instead keep reading for the lowdown on whether or not your coil will affect your sex life.

Changing your contraception: how to switch methods


There are some logistics to consider when switching your form of contraception from one method to another. Timing is a key factor and the reality is it may take some time to actually make the switch.