COVID-19, the vaccine, fertility and periods – your questions answered

Covid-19 Coronavirus Vaccine

As younger people start booking in for their COVID-19 vaccinations, we’ve noticed many of you have concerns about periods and fertility (…those things which affect young women a lot!). We’re also aware that many “theories” are being bandied around the internet and social media. Here are the facts to answer your burning questions.

Changing your contraception: how to switch methods


There are some logistics to consider when switching your form of contraception from one method to another. Timing is a key factor and the reality is it may take some time to actually make the switch.

Pregnancy and the COVID-19 vaccine

If you are pregnant or think you might be, we can completely understand why you’ll have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine. That’s why we’re sharing some helpful information from the professionals at NHS England, to help you be better informed about how it all works!