The UK’s Government’s Women’s Health Strategy call for evidence: The Lowdown’s submission

As part of the UK Government’s call for evidence into Women’s Health, The Lowdown created a survey to get feedback from women on their experiences with reproductive and sexual healthcare. We received over 2,000 survey responses and have written up the findings into a fancy report that we submitted to Matt Hancock and co this weekend. Our survey shows how much we need to transform information, advice and access to contraception in this country!

Our most popular contraceptives: IUS v combination pill

can you get pregnant on the pill

Rated two of the most popular birth control methods by The Lowdown reviewers, it seems only fair that we bring you an informative piece comparing the IUS – or intrauterine system – and the combined pill. By doing so, we hope you grasp a better understanding on what might be the best one for you and your body.

So you want to talk about… the vaginal ring

the vaginal ring contraception

If you like it then you better put a ring on (in?) it. The vaginal ring is one of contraception’s less popular choices, with many people favouring the coil or the combined pill. You might’ve heard of it, but have you ever considered using it? Get the lowdown on all you need to know about the vaginal ring, which is a form of combined contraception.