What should I do if I miss a Hana Pill?

Slynd Everything you need to know

The Hana pill is a type of progestogen only pill. There are multiple different brands of progestogen only pill, and Hana is a brand that contains a progestogen called desogestrel. Hana works by stopping your body from releasing an egg from the ovary (ovulating) each month, thinning out the womb lining to prevent a fertilised […]

Contraception and cancer – what’s the risk?

Contraception and cancer | The Lowdown

Get the lowdown on different types of contraception and their risks for certain types of cancer. It’s something nobody likes to think about, but cancer can’t be ignored, and it’s important that we’re clued up about our individual risks.

A doctor’s experience of sexual health in rural South African communities

South African Barberton Daisy

Dr Brenna Weaver MBChB (WITS) is a South African trained doctor, who became passionate about women’s health whilst working in under-resourced, rural communities, doing everything from Caesarean sections to contraceptive drives. Here she shares these experiences with The Lowdown, and why we shouldn’t take access to contraception for granted.

How long does it take for contraception to work?

How long does it take for contraception to work - a pill packet and tracking calendar

If your contraceptive has been inserted, surely its effective straight away… right? Wrong! Get the lowdown on how soon your contraception takes to work, and when you need to use extra protection such as condoms.

A GPs foray into FemTech: How I became Medical Director at The Lowdown

A GP's Foray Into FemTech

Dr Fran was our first hire at The Lowdown in 2020, and has been instrumental in building out our products, services and company culture. Here she shares her experiences of a recently qualified GP working in a FemTech startup. This was published in a recent Royal College of GPs newsletter.