Can you use Microgynon as emergency contraception?

We’ve been there, that “oh no” moment when you suddenly realise you’ve missed a pill or accidentally (maybe despite your best intentions) had unprotected sex. As a medical student, I often heard the rumour that taking 3 tablets of your Microgynon pill would work just like an emergency morning after pill. But is this true, can you use Microgynon as emergency contraception and does it work?

Can I change the time I take my pill?

Blue pill packet on pink background

Whether you’re off on holiday, starting a new routine or just want to spice up the monotony of life, you may be wondering, can I change the time I take my pill? Get the lowdown here on ‘safe windows’ and keeping yourself protected.

The Lowdown pill ‘groups’ explained

Many contraceptive pill brands contain exactly the same hormonal ingredients as each other, but are simply branded with a different name. To make it easier to understand the differences, we put them into groups.

Contraception: Weight Gain and Loss

Can Contraception Cause Weight Gain or Loss? | The Lowdown

Does the pill make you gain weight? Can your contraception cause weight loss? Find out below in our guide to every method of contraception and its effect on weight.

Choosing the best contraceptive pill for you

Assorted Pill Packs

A step by step guide to finding the contraceptive pill that could best work for you. Get the lowdown on symptoms and side effects including mood, skin, sex drive and headaches.

Acne returning when coming off the pill

Woman with Acne looking up

Hormonal contraception can come with a multitude of benefits, including clearer skin. However, this won’t be a permanent fixture in most of our lives, and where acne is concerned, this presents a problem: what happens when you stop taking the pill?